Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christine wants to lose weight !

Christine and Linah (松岡李那 - someone from Japan ) attended the opening ceremony of Yata at Tsuen Wan. Linah who wore a "vegetable" dress stole Christine's spotlight.  

While dancing with the mascot on stage, Christine could not keep up with the tempo of the music and her foot movements were not good. She denied that she had no dancing talents and said that she learned Hip Hop. When asked if Aaron Kwok advised her to do so, Christine smiled and said that he wouldn't have time teach her. She also praised his dancing skills and said that he is a talented dancer. 

Christine, who is trying hard to lose weight, said that she ate less meat and vegetables are her main dish when having meals. She wants to show people the healthier side of her and was sad when people called her fat. She feels that her little improvements were not appreciated by the audience and feels disheartened. 

Source : Ming Pao 明報

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