Friday, July 26, 2013

me!週刊 第345期 me! weekly issue no.345

Myolie Wu
藍色併綠色皮領 trench coat
all Coach
Michael Kors

Looking for a handsome guy

It's hard not to think of Bosco when talking about Myolie's love life. Both of them meet during the filming of Triumph in the Skies but paired up in Wars In-Laws. Bosco had a playboy image and some fans didn't really support their relationship. Not only after Myolie won "Best Actress" award and finally made their relationship open in 2011 that made people love them. But after dating secretly for seven years, Bosco and Myolie broke up last year. When asked if it was a curse, she smiled awakwardly and rejected the question and said that she wasn't going to talk about her ex. When asked why they didn't interact with each other during the TVB group photo, she didn't reply directly, saying that it was very long ago and reader aren't interested in it anymore. 

Speaking about Triumph in the Skies 2, Myolie changed from Zoe to Summer, both characters of different personalities. Myolie expressed that she likes her new role, Summer, very much, who is good and quiet. Viewers may prefer Zoe as she is more lively and pleasing. But Myolie prefers Summer to Zoe as she finds Zoe the total opposite of herself. 
Earlier, Kelly Fu praised her senior, Myolie. Myolie said, " Kelly is a very good and pretty girl! At first, I thought pretty girls won't work hard, but she worked really hard! " 

Myolie Wu
Vivienne Tam
青綠色 chain bag$2,850
啡色皮 ankle boots(未定價)
both Coach
黑色車花牛仔褲$199 H&M

Myolie's tips

Q: How do you dress on normal days? 
A: I have a boy head, I like wearing leather jackets and jeans, stylish boyish style. 
Q: How do you keep your face in the best condition? 
A: When I have time, I will apply moisturising mask. I will eat healthy food too. 

Myolie Wu
棗紅色拉鏈皮褸$8,950 Coach
all Michael Kors

Myolie Wu
Michael Kors
all Coach

Myolie Wu
Tsumori Chisato
Pierre Balmain
both Coach

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