Sunday, July 14, 2013

Triumph in the Skies 2

Triumph in the Skies 2 will air in HK at 9.30pm on 15 July (Monday). Casts include Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Fala Chen, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Elena Kong, Toby Leung, Patrick Dunn, Eliza Sam, Crystal Li, Kelly Fu and many more!  

Many fans have waited for 10 years just for the sequel and its finally here ! :D

Character Map :

Names of characters :
Samuel played by Francis Ng 
Captain Cool / Jayden played by Julian Cheung
Holiday played by Fala Chen 
Summer played by Myolie Wu
Roy played by Kenneth Ma
Isaac played by Ron Ng
Jim Jim played by Him Law
Coco played by Nancy Wu
Heather played by Elena Kong

Relationship ;
♡ Myolie & Julian are siblings. 
♡ Ron is Francis's brother. 
♡ Toby is Francis's daughter. 
♡ Ron & Myolie are dating. 
♡ Julian & Fala love each other. 
♡ Francis & Fala like each other. 
♡ Kenneth & Elena had a one night stand. 
♡ Him & Nancy are dating. 
♡ Kelly is secretly in love with Ron. 

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