Thursday, June 27, 2013

Karena pregnant with Raymond's BB?

Raymond and Karena were caught flirting publicly in Central on Monday! Wearing couple rings, Raymond and Karena had dinner with 3 other friends, sitting opposite them. They were caught flirting with each other publicly and Raymond rubbed Karena's tummy. 

33 year old Raymond and 19 year old Karena have been dating for the past year. 
On Monday at 8pm, Raymond's car was spotted in Central Bridges Street. The couple alighted the car then went to a restaurant and waited for their friends. 

Although the table was full with people, they were still flirted with each other. Sitting side by side, the couple was soon in their own world (二人世界). The surrounding people ignored them as they teased each other. 

Raymond's clutched Karena's waist and cuddled her. Karena then placed Raymond's hand on her tummy and kissed her hair. Raymond pulled her sleeve and touched her arm, then rubbing it. 

Being the eldest son of the family, Raymond's parents want him to get married. After Moses and Aimee's sudden marriage, Raymond was asked if he would do so. Raymond said that he loves kids and want a happy family life. He also said to let nature take course. 

Karena attended an event, wearing a wedding dress, and was asked about her pregnant rumours. She denied and said that they went to a gym before that and was touching her abs. When asked if she felt awkward about being with his friends, she said that it was normal for this to happen. 

Source : Apple Daily

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