Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tavia at Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup Race Day event

Tavia Yeung, together with Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung, attended Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup Race Day event. 3 Queens, Tavia as 視后 ( TV Queen ) , Joey Yung as 歌后 & Miriam as 影后 .

Tavia earlier was hospitalised because of a cervical neck protruding section. Because of this, she didn't participate in the 19th Shanghai TV Festival. She said that she got this because of work, overtime, not suddenly. You can watch the interview here ! 

Doctors suggested Tavia to swim more often, but Tavia doesn't know how. When asked for Him to teach her, Tavia said that swimming was difficult to learn. 

Tavia's Weibo { @楊怡TaviaYeung } : 感謝太子珠寶頒獎給我,日後繼續努力

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