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StarHub Awards 2013

StarHub Awards 2013 will be held on 28 Sept Marina Bay Sands !

List of nominees~ 

My Favourite TVB Actress
→Kate Tsui
→Fala Chen
→Myolie Wu
→Tavia Yeung
→Aimee Chan
→Mandy Wong
→Linda Chung
→Michelle Yim
→Nancy Wu
→Niki Chow
→Liza Wang
→Selena Li

My Favourite TVB Actor
→Moses Chan
→Kevin Cheng
→Ruco Chan
→Julian Cheung
→Bosco Wong
→Raymond Wong
→Raymond Lam
→Wayne Lai
→Kenneth Ma
→Ron Ng
→Francis Ng
→Roger Kwok

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
→Myolie Wu as Summer Ha in Triumph in the Skies II
→Linda Chung as Kiu Chi Lam in Witness Insecurity
→Tavia Yeung as Hong Chi Kwan in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
→Kate Tsui is Chan Ka Pik in Highs and Lows
→Nancy Wu as Ting Yan Tze in Gloves Come Off
→Liza Wang as Sheung Ying Hung in Divas In Distress
→Michelle Yim as Cixi in The Confidant
→Ivana Wong as Ng Chi Ching in Inbound Troubles
→Niki Chow as Yuen Shiu Gat in A Change Of Heart
→Christine Ng as Shun Yuen Sau in Beauty At War

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character
→Raymond Lam as Wai Sai Lok in Highs And Lows
→Moses Chan as Ko Lau Fei in Beauty At War
→Bosco Wong as Hui Wai Sum in Witness Insecurity
→Kenneth Ma as Szema Shun in Three Kingdoms RPG
→Wayne Lai as Li Lian Ying in The Confidant
→Raymond Wong as Po Sang in Slow Boat Home
→Francis Ng as Samuel Tong Triumph In The Skies II
→Wong Cho-lam as Choi Sum in Inbound Troubles
→Julian Cheung as Jayden Koo as Triumph In The Skies II
→Ruco Chan as Ching Lai Wing in Slow Boat Home

My Favourite TVB Drama
→The Last Steep Ascent
→Tiger Cubs
→Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
→The Confidant
→Inbound Troubles
→A Great Way to Care II
→Triumph in the Skies II
→Three Kingdoms RPG
→Beauty at War
→A Change of Heart

My Favourite Mega Variety Special
→TVB 45th Anniversary Gala (LIVE)
→TVB Awards Presentation 2012 (LIVE) 
→TVB Golden Viva Speculator (LIVE)
→J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2012 (LIVE)
→TVB8 Golden Music Awards 2012 (LIVE)

My Favourite TVB Variety
→Pilgrimage of Hope
→Games Gods Play
→Lady First - Singapore
→Office of Practical Jokes
→Super Taste

My Favourite TVB Variety Host
→PAULINE LAN (Lady First - Singapore)
→JOHNSON LEE (Office of Practical Jokes)
→TONY HUNG (Pilgrimage of Hope)

My Favourite On Screen Couple
→Bosco Wong & Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)
→Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung (Three Kingdoms RPG)
→Ron Ng & Myolie Wu (Triumph in the Skies 2)
→Wong Cho-lam & Ivana Wong (Inbound Troubles)
→Bosco Wong & Niki Chow (A Change of Heart)

My Favourite Drama Theme Song
→THE CONFIDANT - 相濡以沫 (By: Shirley Kwan)
(By: Fiona Sit)
→INBOUND TROUBLES - 大家 Everyone (By: Wong Cho-lam & Ivana Wong)
→THREE KINGDOMS RPG - 等你回來 Waiting For Your Return (By: Raymond Lam)
→REALITY CHECK - 小草 Little Grass (By: Ruco Chan)
→SLOW BOAT HOME - 还想 Still Want (By: Kay Tse)
→THE LAST STEEP ASCENT - 一生一心 (By: Hubert Wu)
→BEAUTY AT WAR - 红孽 Red Sin (By: Christine Ng)
→WITNESS INSECURITY - 最幸福的事 The Story Happily Ever After (By: Linda Chung)
→SEASON OF LOVE - Little Something (By: Mag Lam) 

Have you voted? Voting will end on 25 September! So hurry if you have not voted! You can vote for more than one person in a day, remember to vote daily! ^~^
Website to vote :

Other information : 

Date: 28th September 2013
Time: 5pm to 6pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo Level 1, Hall C

Date: 28th September 2013
Time: 7.30pm to 10pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre

TICKETING DETAILS (Ticketing starts 19 Aug 10am)
Ticket pricing: $78, $98, $128
Telephone booking: (65) 6688 8826
Ticketing venue: Marina Bay Sands Box Offices / SISTIC
*StarHub subscribers get 10% off the ticket price
From StarHub TVB Awards website

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